About us

Wir sind nicht im Schmuckgeschäft tätig. Vielmehr sind wir stolz darauf zu sagen, dass wir im Geschäft sind, Menschen glücklicher und selbstbewusster zu machen. Bei Syster P kreieren wir moderne, zeitlose Stücke aus 100 % recyceltem Silber mit echter Handwerkskunst im Herzen. Alles, um unsere Schwestern zum Strahlen zu bringen und sie ein wenig besser vorbereitet auf die Welt zu schicken.

It all began with two sisters, their love of all things beautiful and of exploring the world together. A soul-bonding trip far from home inspired them to create handmade pieces of jewelry and the idea for Syster P was born. Their treasures became conversation pieces bringing them closer to women around them, and the rest is history.

The joy of creation, both of beautiful jewelry and of a thriving business, united the sisters further. Boosting women and sharing happiness with a personal touch has become the essence of their being. Today the conversation has grown and is still keeping us close to and inspired by our community of conscious women wearing our jewelry every day – our systers.

We are proud but never content, always pushing ourselves to be better in terms of service, methods, materials and how we collaborate with our partners. We take our environmental and social responsibility seriously, being transparent in everything we do and striving to be a true role model in our industry. Using 100% recycled silver and ensuring fair conditions for the people involved in our manufacturing is only a first step along our common journey towards a sustainable society.

The founders of Syster P, Emma and Annikki