Our jewelry is made in Jaipur, India and Europe. We have been working with the same manufacturing units for a long time. The guiding principles for our production are transparency, quality, and sustainability, both in terms of the materials we use, the processes, and the conditions for those who work with our jewelry throughout the chain.

Our aim is to work closely and transparently in all parts of the supply chain. We have therefore chosen all our craftsmen with care and we know that they are working under good conditions. We frequently visit the places where our products are being made. As far as possible, we are looking for suppliers who share our ambitions and demands for quality and final finish as well as our efforts to work with natural materials. Over the years, we have developed personal relationships with our suppliers, and we create each new collection in close consultation with those who produce it.

In order to make our production as sustainable as possible, we focus in particular on a few areas:


Our suppliers run their own companies. In order for them to be able to work long-term with the quality we expect, their companies need to be profitable and have healthy growth. Our dialogue about manufacturing methods, material consumption and costs as well as work effort for each piece of jewelery is characterized by transparency. Our suppliers share their calculations with us, and we go through them together to find the best solution. Within that we also ensure that the supplier has reasonable margins so that their company can continue to develop. We have worked with the same suppliers for many years, and our business relationship is based on mutual trust. In this way, we ensure that our suppliers provide their employees with good working environments and conditions, and that the companies have the best prerequisites for working with us for a long time.


Since our production takes place so far from Sweden, where rules and laws to some extent are different from here, we are careful to ensure that those who work with our production have healthy conditions and good working environments. At least once a year, we visit our manufacturing sites where we meet both those who lead the companies and those who manufacture our products. We see how they work, discuss processes, conditions, improvement measures and other things that can improve quality, make the work environment safe and simplify tasks for those who work in manufacturing. We have a clear Code of Conduct that all our suppliers comply with. We also have a dedicated person in India who inspects the production every week and quality assures all deliveries before they are sent to us.


A condition for conducting sustainability work in manufacturing is continuity and having a long-term perspective. In the same way that our suppliers share their calculations with us, we share our forecasts and plans with them. We make joint decisions about preparations for manufacturing, purchasing of materials and warehousing. In this way, the supplier gets the best conditions for keeping short delivery times with the high quality we demand. Since we both know that we will work together for a long time, it pays off to invest in the right equipment, staff training and continuous improvements in manufacturing. Our suppliers have grown with us over the years, and we now have specially appointed staff who only work with our products at several of our manufacturing units.


The quality of our products is extremely important from a sustainability point of view. Each quality problem causes an increased impact on the environment both when they are to be sent and handled, as well as in an increased load on production. We have been working since 2009 with a purchasing agent in India who is responsible for quality assurance and ongoing inspections of our manufacturing sites. It is a great security to have two people on site who are well acquainted with Syster P’s production and our quality requirements. Each piece of jewelry is checked both by the manufacturer and then by our quality assurer before they are packed. In this way, we ensure that only products that meet our quality standard are sent to Sweden. The agent is involved in the entire chain of factories, and an important speaking partner for them when it comes to process improvements or challenges in production. They are also very helpful in communicating with the factories when it comes to developing new collections, as they have been with us for so long and have become an integral part of the Syster P team.


In the pictures you see two of our colleagues in India, and in the last picture you see our two purchasing agents Sonia and Sanjay, as well as Rishi and Creative Director Emma in front of their brand new factory, where a lot of Syster P jewelry is made.