Three gold necklaces side by side, a gold necklace with hearts and spikes, a gold necklace with a combination of two different types of chains, and a gold necklace with elegant freshwater pearls.


Layering is a great way to express your personal style and get creative with different necklaces. Layering simply means combining several necklaces, that together create a complete look. Mix necklaces that you love, whether they’re made of different materials, have different textures, or hold special meaning for you.

One short chain with a gold mini letter and a medium long chain with a big gold letter


Start by picking out your favorite necklace that you want to include in your look to create a good base for your layering. Find two other necklaces that you think will go well together.We recommend three different lengths forthe ultimate layering.

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Gold necklace with small spikes and silver necklace with small spikes Gold medium long necklace with a big gold letter, silver necklace with heart pendant with small spikes and gold necklace decorated with neat freshwater pearls


Once you’ve chosen your necklaces, layer them one by one. If you want to layer two necklaces that are the same length, take a look at our extension chain. An easy way to achieve different lengths for your necklaces.

Mix and match various necklace styles to add texture and personality to your layers. Experiment with different pendants, chains and materials. And why not mix gold and silver?


One short necklace, twisted necklace, medium long chain with a gold and a silver letter Gold chain with a teardrop-shaped freshwater pearl


Voila! The perfect layering. 

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to necklace layering; it’s all about expressing your personal style and mixing necklaces to create a look that is personal and meaningful to you.

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Keep shining!