Örhängen från vår Bolded-kollektion.


En av våre mest populære kolleksjoner er Bolded. En selvsikker kolleksjon med tidløse smykker som passer til enhver anledning. Kombiner flere smykker fra samme kolleksjon for å skape en personlig og edgy look.

The jewelry is made with a technique called electro forming. With this technique, the jewelry becomes light, which means that especially the earrings do not weigh down the earlobe and sit very nicely in the ear!

Bild på händer där man mixat och matchat guld- och silverringar.

Dare to stand out! By mixing silver and gold jewelry, you can add a personal touch to your look. Since Bolded is characterized by statement jewelry, it is therefore extra powerful to combine silver and gold from the same collection.

Modell som visar upp Bolded Little Sis Earrings. Modell som visar upp Bolded Drop Earrings.

Bolded Little Sis Earrings and Bolded Drops Earrings are two best sellers from our Bolded collection. Timeless, classic earrings with an edge. Combine the earrings with a thin necklace and rings from the same collection to create a statement.

Modell som har på sig Bolded Earrings och två halsband. Modell som har på sig Bolded Little Sis Earrings och två halsband.

Whether you prefer larger statement earrings like the Bolded Earrings on the left, or a smaller, classic version like Bolded Little Sis Earrings on the right, you’re sure to find your new favorite pieces in our Bolded collection. Explore our entire Bolded range below!