One short gold chain with a gold mini letter and a medium long gold chain with a big letter

Beloved 10 years

Smykker er alltid en personlig og verdsatt gave, og du blir spesielt glad når noen har tenkt litt ekstra. Hele Beloved-kolleksjonen er designet for å skape personlige gaver.



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One short gold chain and one medium long gold chain with a gold mini letter and a gold pendant with white onyx Gold chain with a smal gold letter and a gold pendant with a brown onyx


Read the story of how our Creative Director, Emma Haegerström, came up with the idea for the collection:

I got the idea for the Beloved collection after one of our first trips to India when we received a small oval silver charm with our letters engraved. I thought the charm was so beautiful and was so happy that someone had chosen my letter and given it to me as a gift. 

I wore that little charm and felt that I wanted to be able to give something similar to the people close to me. So, the idea was born to create a jewelry collection that could mean so much, both to the giver and the receiver. A few years later, we launched Beloved, and we could only dream that it would be such a success and be loved by so many people! It has truly become a Syster P classic, and we are very proud to have such a long tradition in our letter jewelry.