Layers Olivia Bracelet tillsammans med två ringar på ett tidningsuppslag.


Summer is around the corner and the thin spring and summer clothes that remind us of forthcoming heat, sunlight and possibly a few freckles may be brought out. Do you want to feel equipped to head out into the spring sun, or do you just want to dress up a little extra for that Zoom meeting with colleagues? We at Syster P have listed how you can best match spring and summer trends with our jewelry.

Bubblegum-pink is one of spring's trendiest colors. Whether you choose to wear an entire outfit, a garment, or an accessory in this bright tone, you can be sure that this will be the "IT" color of spring and summer. Wear it with bracelets and rings from our Links collection. Sparkle Star Earrings will be a stylish addition to this statement look!

1. Links Curb Chain Bracelet
2. Links Curb Chain Ring
3. Sparkle Star Earrings

Kläder i rosa nyanser och smycken som du matchar tillsammans med kläderna.

The oversized shirt is a clothing piece you must wear this spring! What's cool about this trend is that you might not even need to buy a shirt. Search through your boyfriend's, brother's or father's wardrobe and you're guaranteed to find a shirt with the perfect casual look! The Love And War Spike Hoop Earrings and the Mini Cuff Collection Pearl And Star will add a little extra edginess to the look. Then break off the look with the minimalist chain, Love And War Short Necklace, and you have your go-to look!

1. Love And War Spike Hoop Earrings
2. Mini Cuff Collection Pearl And Star
3. Love And War Short Necklace


Blå toner på kläderna och vackra smycken du kan matcha tillsammans.

You probably haven't missed that color, color, color and again color is the way-to-go this spring. A bag in a bright shade is guaranteed to be your favorite accessory this spring and summer. Beaches Mini Pearl Bracelet and Beaches Starfish Ring will add a touch of summer, and we can assure you that the Strict Plain Zig Zag Ring and Bolded Earrings will become new favorites in your jewelry collection!

1. Beaches Mini Pearl Bracelet
2. Bolded Earrings
3. Beaches Starfish Ring
4. Strict Plain Zig Zag Ring

Turkosa toner till sommaren och fina smycken att kombinera.