A hand with two bolded gold rings and a gold bracelet with mini hearts

Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is a trend that’s definitely here to stay. It simply means combining different rings to create a personal and unique style. When it comes to ring stacking, the rule is simple: the more, the merrier. Experiment with different combinations and find your favorites. It’s an easy way to let your personality and creativity shine through your jewelry. Each combination becomes both personal and unique!

A hand with three rings on it: one bolded silver ring, one gold ring, and one big gold ring with the word "love" A big silver ring with the word "love" next to silver ring with a big pink quartz heart

Want to make a statement with the jewelry you wear and let your rings speak for themselves? True Love Ring is a perfect base for this, both elegant and bold. It’s a ring that deserves to be the center of attention and is just as easy to style with large rings as with the combination of several small ones. If you’re looking for an extra maxed-out look, we’d recommend styling it with the Bolded collection. It’s a collection that expresses confidence, and together they create a perfect combination. Why not mix both gold and silver?


A hand with four thin rings; a thin silver ring with small diamonds all the way back, thin gold ring with a small diamond ring, thin gold ring shaped as a chain and a thin ring with a slightly structured surface A hand with four different rings: A thin silver ring with a slightly structured surface, open gold ring with a cubic zirconia

If you prefer a more minimalistic style, you’ll love our Tiny collection. The rings are perfect for stacking. They are easy to style both with rings from other collections, but also with each other – it’s a great combination if you want to keep your stacking classic and elegant.

Whether you prefer a minimalistic style or want a bolder look, we recommend our Bolded Wavy Ring as a base. A favorite combination we often go back to is wearing two similar ones together – they are perfect for stacking thanks to their wavy shape. If you want to add a personal twist to your look, our tip is to add rings with stones. If you’re looking to add some color, take a look at the rings from the Melting collection.

Dare to combine gold, silver, colors, and different textures together in your stacking! Create a combination that catches everyone’s eye and let your rings be at the center of attention. Pair a statement ring like La La Love Big Heart with Bolded Ring and Juno Ring to mix shapes. Finish with Links Curb Chain Ring and Tiny Open Sparkle Ring to complete the look!

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Keep shining!