Smycken som förvaras i ett smyckeskrin.


At Syster P we naturally love all jewelry, but we also have our favorites that we wear every day. Let yourself be inspired by our tips and how we prefer to match them below!

"A new favorite of mine is the Snap Flash Necklace Silver. I have several of our pieces of jewelry with lightning motifs, but I like this necklace a little extra because the length of the necklace suits me perfectly for everyday wear. Another thing I love about that particular necklace is that it is in both silver and gold.” - Klara, E-commerce coordinator

"Silver is a favorite of mine, and a necklace that I wear around my neck almost daily is the Love and War Short Necklace. I think the thin chain works just as well on its own or to match with another necklace that can preferably be a little longer. Another favorite is the Beaches Narrow Moon Hoops, perfect in size and equally suitable for any occasion." - Jessica, logistican

"I definitely think all of our jewelry is beautiful, but my favorites right now are the Beloved Medium Hoops, which I pair with our Charming Pendant Tiger in gold. Another favorite I wear around my neck is our Lucky Coin Strength necklace." - Emma, Creative Director

"I live in my Love and war big bracelet silver!  At the moment, there are two Beloved letters hanging in it, one large and one small in both gold and silver, as well as the Charming Pendant Snake. I love the weight of the bracelet and the ability to vary and combine different charms!" - Ananada, Sales Agent

"I love jewelry with details and my favorite right now is definitely the Divine Hoop Earrings. Large hoops that with their amazing gemstones elevate a simple outfit both for everyday and party." - Therese, E-commerce Manager

"For me, it's important that I can wear my jewelry regardless of the day, mood and outfit, and that's why the Bolded Hoops are perfect. I love them so much that I have them in both gold and silver!" - Elin, Marketing Manager

"Links Curb Chain Ring Gold is my favorite ring, as I like that it is very stylish and you hardly feel that the ring is on because it forms from the finger. I prefer to wear it with a black oversized blazer, momjeans and some nice boots." - Jennifer, Store Manager

"Right now, I'm wearing the Links Squared Small Necklace in gold and silver together. With them I feel well dressed every day and they can easily be combined with other jewelry in both gold and silver. I also like that I can hang a charm on it if I want something special one day!" - Annikki, CEO