En person slipar en berlock i vår fabrik vid tillverkning.

sustainable vision

Nothing is wasted, everything is renewed
- Our sustainable vision where no material is wasted.

We want our jewelry to be worn often and to last a long time. Nevertheless, it can happen that a piece of jewelry breaks. In case of a claim, we always collect the broken jewelry and send it to our production to be repaired and polished. If the jewelry can’t be repaired, the silver is melted down and used to create new jewelry.

Berlock blir slipad i vår fabrik i Indien.

If a piece of jewelry can be repaired, it is first repaired, then polished and given a new plating. The jewelry will be as good as new after a repair. In the picture above we see Beloved Letters being plated in 18k gold.

Berlocker som blir guldpläterade. En berlock som blir slipad i vår fabrik i Indien.

If, on the other hand, the jewelry is not repairable and needs to be melted down, the process starts from the beginning where a wax model of the new jewelry is created. Once the jewelry is created from the mold, it is sanded by hand to get fine edges. The jewelry is then polished to a perfect finish.

For us, recycling and having a close relationship with our suppliers is very important. We visit our factories in India twice a year, where we meet both those who run the factories and those who work there. We see how they work, discuss processes, conditions for the employees, improvement measures and other things that can improve quality, keep the working environment safe and simplify for those who work in the production. We are incredibly proud of our partners in India, most of whom we have worked with since the start in 2010.